W H A T    T H E Y     S A Y

 Hear it from them

A L E X A N D R A     H A K I M

Alexandra Hakim, Founder and Creative Director

¨I have ASV to thank for supporting me and my brand over the past couple of years. They have been working day and night to ensure the exposure I need to grow my business. I am so grateful for all the help so far. Thank you for believing in me!¨

M A R L O W     L O N D O N

Chloé Marlow, Founder and Creative Director

¨Aga and her team's support and encouragement has been integral to Marlow London's growth as a young brand. Since working with ASV we have been able to increase our press coverage, brand awareness and website traffic. Aga is constantly working on new strategies, collaborations and projects for Marlow London and over the last year Aga has become a great friend as well as our trusted PR representative.¨

Y O U N G     B R I T I S H     D E S I G N E R S

Debra Hepburn, Co-Founder

¨We have been working with Aga at ASV for several years now and cannot imagine a better PR partner. Aga and her team are not only wholly professional and knowledgable but are creative, proactive and a joy to work with. We trust our brand with Aga as though she were one of us. Not least because she is as passionate about it as we are ourselves¨